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The Stillest Hour [Sin Subtitulos]

Title: The Stillest Hour
Director: Jake Jaxson
Writer: Jake Jaxson
Stars: Will Wikle, Colby Keller, Levi Karter
Genres: Adult, Drama, Romance
Country: USA
Year: 2016
Length: 39 min
Languaje: English.
Subtitle: NONE

When a straight-laced psychotherapist takes on an attractive new client with a free-spirited yet artistically tortured lifestyle, his good will and professionalism are tested when the man begins unloading his anxieties over a boy who appears to be stalking him. Through a series of gut-wrenching sessions -- each one devolving into various states of erotic mania -- the tables are flipped when the boy becomes separately involved in the personal lives of both men.

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