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octubre 28, 2017

The Writers [En Inglés Sin Subtitulos]

Title: The Writers
Director: Todd Michael Smith
Writer: Todd Michael Smith
Stars: Ben Kacon, Steven Michael McKenzie, Shane Miles
Genres: Adult | Crime | Drama | Thriller
Country: USA
Year: 2011
Runtime: 90 min
Language: English
Subtitle: NONE

A story of sexual deviance and forbidden romance between two tortured men - who like to act out by torturing others. After Andrew (Todd Michael Smith), a married writer, is kidnapped by Eddy (Steven Michael McKenzie), a seductive and surprisingly forthcoming serial killer, he is compelled to write about him and the two begin a strange sexual relationship. The actors hold absolutely nothing back from the camera. McKenzie and Smith offer full-frontal nudity and graphic scenes of unsimulated sex - with some sinister kink and a little bloodshed thrown in for good, horrific measure (the blood is fake, of course)!

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